Python Development

Python language is gaining popularity in software development. It is the fourth most popular language, its dynamic type system, dynamic binding, the ability to easily integrate with other technologies and automatic memory management make it very attractive for application development.This platform has a lot to offer for both freshers and experienced.

Why Python?

Python is easy to learn, simple, and designed to be highly substantial. It is meant to be an easily readable language, Its formatting is visually uncluttered, and it often uses English keywords.
You can implement python language for developing websites, GUI applications, ERP and e-commerce systems. It is also used as a support language for software developers. Django is a framework written in python, which is not only an open source but also makes development faster and easier.

Python is the very popular language these days as more companies are choosing to develop their software in Python. Python developers are in demand. Apart from an open source programming language, it is the most versatile development language.

Why Us?

RV technologies bring python course that allows you to understand its architecture, applications and design philosophy through hands-on practical sessions. If you are having the right platform, training and attitude python have a lot to offer with a promising pay scale. Our professionals are having years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge. We follow the student-centric approach towards teaching. We keep in abeam with the latest programming innovations and updated towards upcoming trends.

Our Course Plan:

Introduction: Basic concepts related to python, programming structure, IDLE, Python strings,memory management, Python Versions, Environment Variables,Executing Python from the Command Line.

Core python: It includes concepts related to basic operators(relational, logical, bitwise operators) and simple statements, Built-in Functions, loops, creating a while loop in python, user defined functions,control structures, debugging,scope, recursion etc.

Sequences: Includes lists, Strings ( string value, string methods), numbers, dictionary, lists,sets and Tuples.

Modules: Module Creations (standard module-sys, standard module-math, standard module- time) and usage module Search Path, Module Vs. Script.

Syntax: Assignments, String Operators, Numeric Data Types, Conversion Functions, % Method, print Function.

Expressions: Simple Character Matches, Character Classes, Quantifiers, The Dot Character, Grouping, Matching at Beginning or End, Match Objects, Compiling Regular Expressions, Flags.

Classes and objects: Polymorphism, list manipulation, data structures.

Socket programming: Introduction to socket programming, creating socket,server client socket methods.

Advanced Python: Python graphics(2D&3D), python with automation, kivy and socket programming.

Python framework: Django is an open-source collection of libraries written in Python. It is the most popular server-side web frameworks with as little coding as possible. It includes overviews, interface, apps lifecycle, URL mapping, models, testing, RSS, AJAX and, much more.

Live Projects:

Our 12 years of industry training experience provides you with the scenario of current market trends of Python. You will get a good career opportunity. Our motto is to provide training as per the latest IT demands.