Advance PHP, CMS, Frameworks, Live Projects

The recent growth in IT has led to many opportunities in the field. With PHP as the new craze, more and more students want a career in it. And this is what has added to the popularity of PHP development training. Today, markets of Chandigarh and Mohali are flooding with a number of PHP training institutes, and finding the best one is tough. But with training spots like RV Technologies Softwares Pvt Ltd, students don’t need to look any further. We are listed amongst the best training institutes of Chandigarh, which are known for their top-notch industrial training sessions and 100% placement assurance for the deserving candidates.

Today, PHP professionals are the need of many big upmarket brands. It stores a bright future for the interested students. All thanks to PHP following features, which has made it a number one choice of fresher’s:

PHP is a server side scripting language used in web development and mobile Application programming interface.

PHP is an open source language, which is platform independent and can be operated on all major operating systems like Windows, Linux & even on MAC.

PHP can be used in combination with leading databases like MYSQL & Oracle, and can easily integrate with other existing web technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax/Jquery for creating dynamic and catchy web pages.

Every operating system requires a different server to deal with PHP, like WAMP for Windows machine & LAMP for Linux Machine.

PHP is a field full of job opportunities. Having its right knowledge can get you the best offers. This is the reason why it is a prominent field of the IT Industry. So, if you are done with your B.Tech or MCA and are looking for some right start, then join up the best PHP training in Chandigarh and get your coding skills enhanced in a better way.

What You Can Learn in PHP?

Core PHP: It allows you to start a website from the scratch by writing your own PHP code, in a way giving full control in your hands. But, PHP requires a deep knowledge of PHP, MYSQL database, HTML & other key components. In this, there is also a provision of keeping designing and development party separate, which makes the code clean and easy to modify.

Content Management System: Content management system is a new buzz in the web development industry that gives you the opportunity to control everything from the back end. Today you can find an array of cms incorporating exciting features. Some of the popular ones are Shopify, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Social Engine, Zencart, CS-Cart, X-Cart.

Many of them are free to download, and install and can be updated as per the website’s requirements. CMS is not only a time saver but reduces the development cost as well. In addition to this, there are free designs, templates & extensions available for adding some additional functionality to your website design.

In the first look, PHP simply looks like another operating MS-Office, but in order to use it proficiently, one has to learn it in a good way. At the operation level, CMS is very straightforward and even a non-professional can operate PHP, but from developer’s point of view, one has to learn PHP effectively for extending its functionality to the next level. Before starting working on PHP, you must have good knowledge of Core PHP. And the best way to achieve this knowledge is by enrolling yourself in a PHP training program.

Frameworks: Another important aspect that plays a vital role before starting any PHP project is the knowledge of Frameworks. PHP is a set of classes written using some coding standards. Most of the PHP frameworks use Model View Controller Structure for designing the applications, thus helping in designing the feature-rich websites as per your needs. The popular frameworks are CakePHP, CodeIgniter, YII, Zend, and Symfony.

Topics Covered By Us!

All students will be provided the Live FTP and Database access to keep them working on our domain with unlimited space. We give an opportunity to candidates to work in real time environment at Chandigarh training center and prepare them well to handle client projects directly on servers. We have unlimited hosting purchased from,, speed for shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated server and give complete knowledge to our trainees to handle these servers effectively.

  1. Basic Concept: Concepts of C and C++ like Arrays, Recursion, Loop/conditional statements, Oops concepts along with training on HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL Statements.
  2. Introduction to PHP 5.x: Installation, Basic Programming Structure, Syntax, Data types, Operators, Arrays, Functions, Customization of PHP installation in php.ini file.
  3. Global Variable: Sessions, Cookies, $_GET, $_POST, $_SERVER,$_ENV, $_FILE etc.
  4. Built-in Functions: PHP has around 1000 Built-in functions which make it very flexible to use. It covers String Functions, Date/time, File Handling, Email handling, Database handling, Sessions, Cookies and many other things. We will cover all the functions in live projects so as to ensure you learn every basic and hard-core concept of PHP.
  5. Ajax/Jquery: Ajax and Jquery are the most popular concepts and are used in all programming languages including PHP.
  6. Databases (MYSQL / MYSQLI / PDO): PHP connectivity, Aggregate Functions, Group by, Joins, Insertion, View data, Updation, Deletion, Database Recovery.
  7. OOPs in PHP: Basic Concepts, Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Interface, Exception handling
  8. Smarty: Smarty is a template engine used to separate HTML coding from PHP. Many popular cms like Prestashop, CS-Cart, Social Engine, DJOIC Handshake, PHPFox, WHMCS are using smarty template engine. PHP is a coding technique for writing clean codes. All concepts of Smarty will be covered in our 6 months industrial training program.
  9. CMS: We will cover minimum of two cms in deep, one general CMS like Joomla/Wordpress, one E-commerce cms like Magento/Shopify/Prestashop
  10. Model view controller (MVC):
  11. Frameworks: We will cover minimum of one framework in deep like CakePHP/CodeIgniter/Yii/Laravel

Live Projects: Our 12 years of industry training experience is enough to make you aware of the current market trends of PHP. Upon successful completion of this training, any organization—be it in Chandigarh or any other part of the world—will love to hire you. Our motto is to give training to the freshers as per the latest  IT demands and secure their future.

Note: Stipend/job can be offered in our Chandigarh IT office but only to those students who will perform well during their training period. It will be solely performance based.
Every week there will be an expert lecture on advanced topics and revision of already covered syllabus.