Over the past few years, market has seen many positive drifts, which has lead to its evolution in a big way. The way we interact with our clients has changed extensively, which is setting new business standards. As per the latest standards there is a huge shift towards inbound techniques whereas the outbound tactics are now outdated. People are in search of something which is unique, original and will prove to be a plus for their venture.

So as we think of arming our clients with knowledge and bespoke services, let’s have a look at some of the top marketing trends of 2014, which illustrates a new business model of this year.

  • Content is the King: The importance of content will be bigger than ever this year. It will become one of the best and the fastest way of establishing authority and gaining customer trust in upcoming days. With content marketing spreading its roots in the IT industry, it will help the owners to develop rapport with their demographics along with a loyal following. Being a very vast field it covers social media, business websites’ articles, eNewsletters, case studies and many other similar stuff.
  • Diverse Social Media Marketing: This medium helps you in creating engaging content and eventually earns you great audiences across the globe. In the past business promotions were restricted to only some biggies like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin but the growth of social media has given rise to many other social media sites for effective promotion. Now you can easily branch out your business and experiment with multiple networks for great results.
  • Less is More: This year people are in search of simplistic and strong marketing messages instead of in-depth and brainstorming market plans. For a mass appeal you have to keep your strategies clean and uncluttered like some big brands Google and Apple, who value simplicity over complexity. Hence, simplify your consumer’s life by offering them simple and result-oriented services.
  • Entwining of SEO and Social Signals: No doubt, social signals don’t hold that same importance now but they play a major role in organic search rankings. Being one amongst the three pillars of SEO, these are responsible for those much awaited social shares that a well written blog, article or product page receives. Therefore, more you share,more will be the product popularity online and improved page ranking.
  • Business Enhancement with Ad Retargetting: It is the quickest result-oriented marketing strategy that will increase your overall conversion rate by reminding your customers about the products and services they reviewed. This will keep your brand and product fresh in your customers’ mind with greater familiarity.

If you have some out-of-the-box plans for your enterprise, try incorporating these latest marketing trends in your business and see the difference yourself.