Life after college can be challenging. Knowledge can bring quality to your professional life and improve your chances to get better placement opportunities. You may ask yourself, “From where to gain professional knowledge that can add value in your life?” and eventually visit few industrial training institutes in Chandigarh, but the decision always boils down to quality and budget. At RV Technologies, we believe in imparting quality knowledge. With our wide range of courses which are offered as a part of  45 Days Industrial Training in Chandigarh, you can kickstart your career. For more information on our courses, please go through the following.

Development Courses

As we move into this digital era, having an online presence becomes important. To stay relevant with changing times, many businesses want to move their presence from offline to online. To do so, every single business owner requires a website to showcase his/her products and services. This monumental increase in demand has opened a door of opportunity for fresh college graduates, who are seeking jobs to start their career. At RV Technologies, undergoing 45 Days Industrial Training in following courses will help you kickstart your career and become a programmer, who can develop web apps and much more:

● PHP Training
● MEAN Stack Training
● ROR Training
● .NET Training
● Java Training

Mobile Application Development Courses

Most of the people use smartphones every day and depend on them to carry out their day to day tasks. The ease with which smartphones can enter in a person’s life has increased the number of users who use such devices. Businesses of all sizes notice this huge number and want to expand their presence on smart devices as well. The two major smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS are popular among business owners as they have a maximum number of users. As a fresh graduate, you can undergo training in iOS or Android app development and start your career.

● iOS App Development Training
● Android App Development Training

Digital Marketing Courses

It is critical for a product owner, who has invested a lot of money in its development or for someone, who offer services, to market and reach the target audience. The goals can be improved brand awareness, more leads generation, engaging the target audience,  but digital marketing offers much more. However, the best form of marketing requires a continuous effort and business owners understand this. Even though digital marketing comprises of different techniques such as on-page and off-page search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing, interested candidates should start their journey from a 45 Days Industrial Training in Chandigarh to save time and learn from professionals.

● Search Engine Optimization Training
● PPC Training

Designing and Animation Courses

Design and development go hand in hand. If a developer has written several lines of code but the end user is not able to use it properly, then clearly something is wrong. If there are no bugs in the coding and the end user finds it difficult to navigate and doesn’t understand the usage, then the designer needs to work on the user interface and experience. At RV Technologies, we offer several courses for the creative bunch. However, that is not the end of the story. We also offer animation courses for budding animators and storytellers.

● Web Design Training
● Visual Effects Training
● Animation Training
● Visual Effects Training

Game Development Courses

The world of gaming is seeing monumental change with the introduction of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The good news is, usage of such game-specific technologies are not limited to the world of gaming. Other industries such as medical, education, real estate, and many more are making use of AR and VR. Tour and Travel companies are using the power of Virtual Reality content to offer a first-hand experience to potential consumers of preferred tourist destinations. Both technologies are relatively new and offer a unique opportunity for candidates, who want to turn this into a lifelong career.

● Game App Development Training
● Game App Design Training

Whether you are a creative or logical person, above-mentioned courses, which are offered as a part of 45 days industrial training, will help you start your career. Furthermore, by joining any course at RV Technologies, you also get following benefits:

● For candidates, who perform exceptionally well during the training, we offer stipend based jobs

● Candidates can take scholarship test before the training and avail discounts

● Once you sign up for training at RV Technologies, you can get back to us in office hours to ask queries even after the completion of your training

● Those who perform well during the course of training will become eligible to get placement offer from RV   Technologies itself

● Get exposure to live projects and explore solutions to complex problems with the help of our experienced professionals

● The training will be provided by professionals, who are updated with recent changes and can guide you through best practices

● By undergoing industrial training at RV Technologies, candidates can also experience the environment at an IT company which will help them navigate in the corporate culture

● The training also involves the use of projects. Over the years, we have faced numerous technological challenges which can be a stepping stone to further sharpen your skills

● You can enhance your resume by adding information about the completed training. We will give you a certificate of achievement for the same.

A 45 days industrial training can equip you with the right information to start your career. However, if you are not sure which course will be beneficial or have questions regarding scholarship tests, etc., then please feel free to contact us by calling 91-8284869881 or leave a message using the contact form.