It’s easy to acquire a bachelor’s degree from any certified institution these days, but these are no longer an assurance for a bright career. In today’s world, having a degree or certificate can’t get you the job of your dreams. You need to have those skills, potential and real-time experience for landing up in your favorite sector.

After completion of higher studies, every student has this question in his/her mind that what next after B-Tech/MCA.  So at this point it becomes really important for the students to look for their area of interest in order to give a right start to their career. If you are a bit confused about your choice, then here is the answer to all your confusions. Take a glance at some of the emerging technologies of the present times, which can help you in effective career building.

1) Web Developer: If you have a creative mind and love for graphics and animations then web development is the best platform to begin with. After the revolution in the Smartphones applications, this field got an interesting boom, leading to the increased demand of web developers. If you are serious about this career option then you can get your basics cleared in between your semester holidays by joining some good training institute.

2) Online Marketer: Most of the companies are transforming their businesses with effective online marketing, which not only earns them huge profits but also enhances their global popularity. With so many companies switching to these marketing techniques, there is a great scope for online marketers in near future.

3) Mobile Apps Developer in Android or iPhones: With the advancement in mobile phone technology many new and interesting applications are catching the people’s attention. The latest being the Android and iPhone apps. These are highly in demand and are simplifying things to a large extent. So, if you are thinking of some stable career, this can be the right choice.

4) Linux Administrator: Linux is an open source language which is becoming very popular. The major reasons behind its popularity is its compatibility, security, free usage and easy to use graphical interface. Choosing to be a Linux administrator, can offer you a stable career with amazing growth rate.

5) Software Tester: Software testing is also an interesting and a good field to start your career. If you enjoy testing the authenticity of various applications and software then this one is the right field for you. It’s in stores varied options like Quality Testing, Usability Testing and so on.

Better late than never, so make up your mind and find out your area of interest to make the right professional start. Remember, your career is in your hands and your one decision can change your life.