45 Days Industrial Training Chandigarh

Industrial training is an opportunity for every engineering student to improve his/her skills and prepare for every hurdle he/she might face in the professional career. In today’s competitive world, scoring job after graduation can get challenging. Students who have undergone industrial training are more likely to get hired by leading IT companies. The reason being they are familiar with the dos and don’ts of working in an IT company. Furthermore, they have already worked on several projects, and therefore are more skilled than other candidates.

At RV technologies, we are providing 6weeks/months training to students in their desired fields. With a range of courses, our trainers are more than ready to help you enhance your skills. Following points explain how your career is going to get a boost by joining industrial training at RV technologies.

Enhance Your Technical Skills

In your graduation, you probably had to study every subject regardless of what your future goals were. However, in industrial training, you can improve your skills in your field of interest. For instance, if you aspire to become an Android developer, you can enroll yourself in Android development training and learn different aspects of Android development.

Learn in Professional Environment

Industrial training not only helps you to improve your technical skills but also gives you an idea about the working environment of a professional IT company. You’ll get familiar with the issues and their countermeasures of working on a project. You’ll also get to work on latest technologies under the guidance of experienced trainers who are always ready to guide you through every situation. Overall the industrial training will prepare you for your corporate life.

Scholarship Test

We understand that every student is not financially capable of paying the entire fees. Therefore, we conduct a scholarship test before starting the industrial training. Depending on the performance, deserving candidates get a discount on the course fee.

Work On Live Projects

Industrial training bridges the gap between what you have studied in your college and your professional career. You can turn your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge by working on live projects. The more you are practically skilled, more likely you’ll get hired by IT companies. Furthermore, you’ll also get familiar with strategies and process used to manage a project.

Job Opportunities

As we mentioned earlier, the job opportunities for a candidate, who has undergone industrial training, are more in number. At RV technologies, we provide job opportunities to deserving candidates as well. Candidates who perform exceptionally well during their training period will become eligible to get placement offers from RV Technologies itself.

Whether you aspire to pursue your career in web development, mobile application development, animation, game development, or digital marketing, RV technologies provide you a plethora of training options. Feel free to contact our experts to know suitable career options as per your interest.