Android is a Linux-based operating system that has been popular since its inception of its market existence. Currently, over 2.8 million apps exist on the platform. This and a few other factor adds up to the advantages of Android, which is why it is the foremost choice when it comes to application usage.

Launched in 2007, Android has improved a lot since then, and each new version is better in contrast to its predecessor. It proves the fact that this operating system definitely will continue to rise in future too. If this suggests youngsters anything is that it is the right time to get Android training in Chandigarh so one can learn the knack to build one of the greatest applications of all times on Android. Not only for self but for others too. Here are a couple of facts that explains why learning Android might be the best decision you’ll ever take for your career:

Growing Number Of Users

According to Expandedramblings, there are over 1.6 billion Android devices with 87.5% share of the global mobile operating system market in 2017. Android has seen a significant growth from past decade, with maximum Indians joining the platform every year, concluding about 70% of the total users of the global market. With the growing demand for the platform, one thing if can be concluded is that its bubble is going its expand in coming years, and this is the right time to get Android training to be able to build Android apps.

Low Investment And High ROI

Contrary to IOS, Android has a low barrier to entry as it provides SDK(software development kit) to the users for free. It minimizes the licensing cost as well as the development cost. Development cost can be divided into three categories—one being the app development, second the testing, and third hardware for testing. The catch here is the amount of return on investment you get is far better than any other platform. This explains the fact why people would want to invest on it, and why you should be learning Android to build apps of those investments.

Android Versions

Latest Android Versions

Easy adaptation

Android apps are based on Javascript. Anyone with knowledge on Java can build an app. Many developers feel that it is extremely easy to adapt and script code for apps in Android. It is the reason why there are plenty of Android apps are being built on the daily basis. As a result, many app development agencies are considering Android app development. For that, they need to hire good developers who can deploy the specifications of customers in an app. This explains why Android training in Chandigarh is the best resort for you to make your career.