6 Months/6 Weeks Industrial Training Chandigarh

With an increase in the number of IT engineers, it is becoming more and more challenging to secure a well-paying job after graduation. IT firms are looking for skilled candidates with the practical knowledge, and therefore it is crucial for every IT engineer to work on his practical skills. However, the graduation curriculum focuses more on imparting theoretical knowledge than to improve practical skills of students. Therefore, undergoing 6 weeks and 6 months industrial training is highly recommended for every engineering student. The reason being, industrial training gives a direction to the career of a student. Furthermore, it also helps the students to improve practical skills in their desired field of work.

At RV Technologies, we are providing engineering students with 6 weeks and 6 months industrial training in various fields, such as Android Development, Web Development, Game Development, Digital Marketing & Web Design, etc. Interested candidates can enroll themselves in any of these training programs, and prepare themselves to secure their dream job. During the industrial training, students will learn under professional guidance, work on live projects using latest technologies, and enhance their practical skills. To help you along, here is what you should expect during your 6 weeks or 6 months industrial training at RV technologies.

Get Familiar With Different Phases of SDLC

You probably have studied Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) during your graduation. Every software is meant to provide different services, and therefore should be developed using different SDLC methodologies. However, the graduation curriculum limits when it comes to practical implementation of different concepts of SDLC. Unless you haven’t practically implemented SDLC on a live project, you cannot understand how it is essential for the development process.

Therefore, during your industrial training at RV Technologies, you’ll get to implement various development life cycle models, depending on your project. Furthermore, by working on live projects, you’ll understand how to move from one phase to the other in SDLC. Since you’ll be working on a live project, you’ll comprehend each SDLC phase individually.

Improve Your Practical Skills

Every IT firm prefers hiring a candidate who has a practical knowledge of the entire development process. The more practical knowledge you have, more likely you’ll get a job in a big IT company. During the industrial training, you can improve your practical skills by working on live projects. You’ll be writing hundreds of lines of code all by yourself which will help you gain proficiency in coding. Experienced trainers are always going to be there to help you through each technical problem.

Furthermore, you can choose in which SDLC phase you are going to work during your professional career. In an IT company, a dedicated team works on each SDLC phase individually. For instance, there is a separate team for design, testing as well as development. Therefore, during the 6 weeks or 6 months industrial training, you can choose your desired SDLC phase as per your interest.

Master Your Desired Field

During your graduation, you probably had to study every subject regardless of what your future goals were. However, industrial training allows you to choose the field of your interest. For instance, if you aspire to become an Android Developer, you can undergo Android Development training program and learn different languages, APIs, SDKs used to develop an Android application. Furthermore, during the 6 weeks / 6 months industrial training, you’ll get familiar with the working environment of an IT company and strategies you should follow while developing a project.

At RV Technologies we provide a plethora of industrial training programs for students. Whether you are looking forward to pursuing a career in Android development, iPhone application development, Web development, digital marketing, web designing or game development, our wide range of training programs can meet your every requirement.

Get Ready For Placement Interview

The eventual goal of every engineering student is to get placed in reputed IT firm. Every recruiter expects the candidates to have a fundamental knowledge of their field, and therefore, they prefer hiring candidates who have undergone industrial training than others. The reason being, these candidates have already worked on live projects, and are expected to be highly skilled in their fields.

Industrial training bridges the gap between what you have studied during your graduation and how to practically implement it during the project development. At RV Technologies we believe in enhancing the practical skills of students. Join our industrial training programs and let our experienced trainers help you gain proficiency in your desired field of work. Deserving candidates can also avail for scholarships by giving a scholarship test before starting the industrial training. Furthermore, if you perform exceptionally well during the industrial training you’ll become eligible to get placements from RV Technologies itself.