3D Animations

The recent trend in 3D designing has lend too many opportunities. It is both exciting and new for both designers and audience. 3D animation creates visual effects and animation for television, electronic media, movies etc. basically a moving image using digital models. It is all about creating animation, working model of scenes and graphics with computer illustrations and software programs.

3D animations are used to create Videos, games (creates the entire look of games, feel and functionality), advertisements etc. All you need is sketching skills, passion, and creativity. It is the art of breathing life to a character or an object.

We provide students, a vision of imagination and help candidates with the technology and animation that offer real-life exposures. Our course structure is divided in such a manner that will help you to enhance your skills with live projects.

Why 3D Animation?

3D animation has a wide scope in career development due to increased demand in video games, television, graphic design, web design, animation, and movies. And why not? With high salaries and an opportunity to showcase your creativity, it is the right choice for today’s youth.

Due to increasing demand for computer graphics, it opens a wide opening in 3D animations like concept artist, character animator, special effects animator, storyboard artist, and visual effects artist. The gaming industry is the top employer of animation developers.

Our Course Plan:

Animation: Animation foundation, Basic & advanced performance animation, Character animation & body design

VFX: Visual effects involved in the integration of live-action to create an environment which looks realistic. It includes:

Stereoscopic Filmmaking: Digital enhancement, Basics of compositing, Concepts of stereoscopy, Depth creation for 2D/3D, Conversion, Clean plate creation, Advanced node-based compositing, Rotoscopy, Planar tracking, Match moving.

Compositing Plus: Digital design, Rotoscopy, Layer-based & node-based compositing, Matchmoving, Camera tracking, Title graphics, Stereoscopic pipeline, 3D camera projection, Live action compositing.

Design Viz Pro: Program in Design & Visualisation: Photoshop for texturing, Overview of architecture, 3D design visualization, Real world lighting simulation, Video editing, Building information modeling, Interactive design.

Advanced Compositing with NUKE, MOCHA, SILHOUETTE: Live action compositing, Stereoscopic pipeline, Rotoscopy, 3D camera projection, Planar Tracking.

3DS Maya: 3D design & modeling, Digital Sculpting, Texturing, Look development & rendering, CG lighting, Particles & dynamics, Hair, fur, cloth, Character setup & skinning, Character animation.

3DS max: 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, is a professional computer graphics program for making 3D animations.

Curriculum: Introduction to 3D, 3D design and modeling, texturing and tool development, Lighting, Character setup and skinning.

Game Designing: Game Design / Iteration & Rapid Prototyping, Formal Elements of Games, Video Game Design, Computer Graphics, CS50’s, Introduction to Game Development, Video Game Asset Creation and Process.

Animation Film Making: 3D Design and Modelling, 3D Tracking and Matchmoving, Character Animation, Cinematography, Digital Design, Digital Sculpting, Lighting and Rendering, Pre-Production, Sound Editing, Graphics & Web designing.

Our students work on live projects and get great exposure and a way to achieve the excellence. With the well-experienced faculty, we ensure to impart great hands-on training with simulations and live projects by following industry applications.