Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With digital marketing becoming an important part of every IT company, the SEO training institutes have grabbed the major limelight in the Chandigarh region. The craze to be seen on the Google’s first page has made search engine optimization a much talked field. It has now become the requirement of every big brand. And, this has created an ample of lucrative job opportunities for both experienced and freshers.

The desire to obtain the top ranks in Google’s search results has made search engine optimization a popular choice. Since this field is growing at a fast pace so there are many attractive job options for everyone. Considered as the easiest career path for a fresher from any stream, this area of Internet Marketing promises extensive growth. With this in mind, our SEO institute in Chandigarh is designed to provide the best SEO training to today’s career-conscious youth. At our SEO training institute, you will be trained by our experienced faculty, which will train you as per the latest Google updates. Our idea of training is not just bookish knowledge, but to make our students practically and technically stronger and this is the reason why we are considered as the best SEO training institute in Chandigarh.

Why Our SEO Training Program is a Big Hit Among Students?

•    Our training gives you quick access to high-end learning content, which covers the important aspects of the Internet Marketing field.

•    You will get trained by our expert marketers, who have years of experience in this field.

•    An opportunity to work on live projects with full utilization of real time marketing resources.

•    Chance to work as an employee of the company, if you’re a performer and a deserving candidate.

In today’s marketing world, SEO holds an important place and almost every company, whether big or small has maintained a separate budget for it. Such a grand popularity of this field is sure to create a good amount of jobs in the upcoming years, resulting in greater employment chances. Considering all these optimization facts and figures, it forms the most productive career option. So enrolling yourself in our seo training program will definitely prove to be a milestone in your professional journey. We will guide you in doing SEO the right way!

 The series of courses which we cover in our SEO training are as follows:

Module 1 (Basics)

* Search Engine Basics
* Importance of Internet Marketing, its Types and Methods
* Working of Search Engines
* What is Search Engine Optimization
* Basic Understanding of SERP, Search Operators, Google Search Engine Architecture
* What are Search Engine Algorithms and their Updates
* Page Rank Technology
* Google Web Masters Tools

Module 2 (Keywords)

* Basics of Keywords Research, its Methods and Types
* Keyword Analysis Tools
* Competition and Business Analysis
* Keyword List Preparation

Module 3 (On-Page Optimization)

* Website Designing and Development Basics
* HTML based SEO Basics
* Basics of Onsite Optimization
* Importance of Domain Names and their Selection
* Optimization of Website Structure and Navigation Menu
* Filename and Title Tag Optimization
* Keyword Research and Density Analysis
* Knowledge of Meta Tags and its Optimization
* Content Optimization
* Page Speed and Anchor Links Optimization
* Header and Footer Optimization
* Canonical/ 404 Implementation and many more

Module 4 (Off Page Optimization)

* Basic Introduction
* Subsequent Promotion of Web Pages
* Directory and Blog Submissions
* Link Building Methods and Types
* Free Classifieds, Forums, Press Releases, Forum Signatures and Commenting
* Social Bookmarking and Business Listing
* Classified Posting, Blog Commenting, Press Release and Article Submissions
* Video and RSS Feed Submissions
* Basics of Social Media Optimization (SMO)
* Link and Page Rank Tracking

Module 5 (SEO for Dynamic Websites)

* Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites
* Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
* Search Engine Optimization for Joomla
* Search Engine Optimization for Blogspot

Module 6 (Traffic Analysis)

* Use of Google Analytics
* Tracking and Improving Conversions

Hence, if you love to pursue your career as a Marketing Executive, this is the right time to get trained by our experienced professionals and get perfectly groomed.

Note: Stipend/ job can be offered to the students in-between who will perform extremely well during the training period. It will be based on their performance while working on live projects and also on their trainer’s feedback.